A Date From Out Of Nowhere

So I’m on Facebook and I’m pretty active on it. I like being in touch, etc. I’m a Connector in the Gladwellian sense.

Saturday I got a text out of the blue from a woman I worked with in a shopping mall while I was in college. 

In the early/mid 90s.

I mean, lo these past 5 or so years we’ve been commenting on each other’s FB posts forever,  but that’s it.

Actually she did message me last week expressing concern over a post that I made,  but that was it.

But the message this Saturday said “Hi. How are you? I just wanted to let you know that I’m recently separated. If you want to chat…. : )”


Uh, YEAH. Got her phone number. We spoke for over an hour Sunday night, caught up on our lives and the people we knew. Although she said she’d wanted to get divorced for some time, the separation is brand new, like two months old, they’re still in the same house. And there are two kids. It probably isn’t the best move to start hanging out with her quite yet.


I suddenly remembered that when we worked together, although she had a bf she was very flirty, including saying “take me to bed or lose me forever.” I can’t recall the circumstances under which she said that, but I never made a move, didn’t want to get involved with bf drama if it was a serious offer.

PS. Were hanging out on Friday.  We’re 42/41 so now it’s separated husband drama. I’m not quite sure if I’m entering dangerous territory. Am i having a moral dilemma?

She’s not legally separated yet, I don’t think. The intent to divorce is there but it’s being worked out.

I’m not actively looking for someone to date since I’m unemployed at the moment. But if someone COMES TO ME, who am I to say no? That’s like insulting the universe.

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  1. I don’t date separated people….one guy wanted to date me AND he was still living with his ex-wife-to-be!! Someone once told me you should not start dating until a year post divorce…makes sense…so, if you’re just looking for fun, go for it. Otherwise, beware of high potential for drama.

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  2. There is no such thing as legal separation here anyway. I’m still married until I’m divorced. And the x and I lived together may-sept last year while I dated. Just make sure she is the honest type and not dating behind his back that’s where the trouble starts.

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