Good son, Part 2

So, I’ve mentioned how I finally started mailing my mom greeting cards for her birthday.

Today is Mother’s Day and BAM I sent a Mother’s Day card. A funny one saying “My son did WHAT?!” which when opened mentions that I’ve kept her on her toes, in a silly, Hallmarky kind of way.  And I wrote “and I will be apologizing forever.”

I’m the youngest of three and the wildest, by comparison. Some antics were laughable in retrospect, some will never be. The “apologizing” line is only a half-joke.

She and my step-father now live in Fla. I see them a few times every year. I speak to her once a week now, on average. She’s had some health issues over the past ten years and regularly reminds me that she’s losing some steps. In all honesty, she’s been doing that for 20 years, I guess she wants us well prepared.

I know she just wants be to prosper, be happy, preferably get married, and have my own little claim in this world. She worries. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that my unemployment has ran out.

She doesn’t want anything other than her kids being happy and thriving in the world. My intention is that she’ll be assured of that very soon. That’s the only Mother’s Day gift she really wants. That and for me to come to Florida more. Ok first thing’s first.

Happy Mother’s Day to the lovely, blog-loving mom’s out there!

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