FYI you can actually talk on these texting devices

So I text friends. We all do. I currently have a group text going with about 14 of us. All guys who either grew up together or were gathered and integrated along the way.

I admit,  I started the loop while choosing a date for a group dinner that I was putting together. And now we use it to talk shit at each other as we tend to do, or debate topics, or just be stupid. Sometimes the volume can be overwhelming but usually it’s like hanging out without physical proximity.

Pet peeve: when people send a text to one person on that text loop. We were all making plans to get together to watch the snoozefest Mayweather/Pacquiao fight,  when one friend, “Juan,” texts the loop and says “Rex, call me.”

Two things wrong here:
1. As I mentioned, it was to me alone,  but he sent out to everyone,  and
2. Pet Peeve: HE COULD JUST FUCKING CALL ME! What the hell?! I know we’re so lobotomized into texting only,  but these things have talk capabilities too. All of them do, NOT JUST MINE!

This is not the first time this has happened.  I normally text back with a snarky comment, but now I enjoy yelling at the person.  So I called Juan to call him out on it and he said “Well I know you’re busy so you could call me when you’re free.” THAT’S FUCKING BULLSHIT! Juan is spacey at times, ok fine, but still… join society!

And just yesterday, a friend I’ve known since I was 12, “Mel,” and I were texting about my unemployment running out. “Call me” he texts.

So I called him… and let him have it. “You just texted “call me” without even thinking that YOU could call ME?”

To Mel’s credit, he said “holy shit, you’re absolutely right. Wow, that’s bad. I was just in the texting zone and didn’t even think of it.” Thank you Mel for at least owning it. [And he’s offering me some money every week to manage his social media for his fledgling real estate business. Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging too, which I have a little experience with ; )]

It’s amazing how we’ve gotten conditioned.  I read an article of Business Insider just today about how Millenials avoid calling. And I think it’s beyond Millenials (I’m Gen X) but all who have adapted to the latest technology.

And I’ve blogged before about women I’m trying to date admit to being “more of a texter.

Look, I’ll admit, texting is great and has it’s place for certain things, but come on people, conversation is sometimes necessary, it’s possible, and you, yes YOU, can do it too.

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  1. You are absolutely right. I’m proud to say I DON’T do that lol. I love texting but would only ever say call me if I know the person’s either having surgery or performing it and that would be call me after surgery 🙂

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  2. If it’s on a work day I prefer a text that way I can answer at a convenient moment. If it’s when I’m “off the clock” I like to hear a voice but only if you can hold up your side of the conversation. It annoys the heck out of me when someone calls me then doesn’t really have anything to say. The only exception is for my soldier boy who sometimes just wants to hear my voice.

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  3. Rex, kik me.

    Jk, but seriously, if I want to get plans made quickly, I will call them I don’t leave, voicemails, I hang up and text. For me a text is easier than a voicemail than a call at work.


  4. He could have just called. That’s how I feel about my kids. Or I’ll be talking to them IRL (had to learn that one) and they’ll be looking at their phone or actively texting. Excuuuuse me, mister. I just got texting recently and find it convenient, especially because Hubby’s calls at work are timed, but Iprefer to talk.

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  5. Texting is convenient but when is it ever convenient to have full on relationships without hearing a voice?! LOL! Sigh… this generation… so different.

    And I’m with you on the whole group chat thing. Individual convos need to be just that!

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