The Cristina Coincidence

So yesterday on LinkedIn,  I applied to a job and I was trying to find people in my network that know people at that company.  I always know some.

I noticed that somebody at the company knows a woman who used to work at my old company,  Cristina. I’m LinkedInto her as well. I only met her once because she worked out of the Madrid office and one year there was a big international meeting.

And she was pretty. Like ¡DIOS MIO, QUE HERMOSA! kind of pretty.

And we didn’t work together, really. I’m pretty sure we didn’t say five sentences to each other at the conference.

Afterward we became Facebook friends then LinkedIn… linkers? I’m pretty sure the FB friending and the LinkedIn linking was just a courtesy of having met.

Either way, I haven’t communicated with her in 5 years. I have nothing to say to her,  I can’t remember anything about her other than the obvious.  But she knew this person at this company. So I looked at her profile. All in Spanish,  she’s moved on from the past company.

PS I decided to go with another person to network through to this company.

PPS I wake up today and I notice on Facebook and on LinkedIn that TODAY IS HER BIRTHDAY!


PPPS I figured “What the fuck?” and sent her a Facebook message out of the blue explaining the coincidence, and saying Happy Birthday (LinkedIn will tell her that I looked at her profile anyway) ; )

PPPPS Did I mention she was pretty?

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