Yes, I’m still single. Don’t rub it in.

Ok, in December I wrote a blog about Being Invited “Plus One” to a wedding during a dry spell about a friend’s wedding here in the county of Kings.

Then I followed up with a post about the wedding itself and it was great.

Well, today I got the Thank You card from “Pat” and “Nigel” and in it contained pictures from the wedding.


Wait,  what’s that? I’m not in either picture? Oh… then who is in the pictures, the wedded couple? Oh…not them? Then who is?


I mean, i love my friends, they’re great guys, and their ladies (one wife and one one-day wife) are very cool.


I gotta say that’s pretty weird. I’m not in ANY of the pictures that were in the THANK YOU CARD from the wedding that I ATTENDED.

I’m assuming there’s no message or agenda in this, and it may have been a mistake. I re-read the card to see if it mentions anything. It doesn’t.

I actually still owe the newlyweds a wedding gift.  I forgot to sign the damn check. When I go over their place soon to drop it off and revel in their martial bliss I will have to bring it up, for my own sanity. I wonder if the friends got pictures of me and the other friend, like it’s a “receive pics of anyone but you” deal.

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