Where’s that Opening Door?

So last week I applied for a job and noticed that an ex-not-quite-boss of mine knew a high-up at the company that I applied to. I had contacted “Jamil” a month ago for a recommendation but that fell through for reason, but he did give me his number and a “call anytime”.

So I called Jamil on Friday for a referral, he called back today. He was always very helpful, calm and focused when I worked with him. A good man. He’ll email this person with a reco, no problem. Plus he gave me some info on the company. 

I applied to a few more positions today. Then I followed up with connections on LinkedIn for referrals and one guy I know spun it positive with the ol’ “one door closes, another one opens” line.

I recently updated the spreadsheet of my recent “jammed doors,” interviews I’ve had and the results. I also started adding info about jobs that I just apply to and the corresponding networking efforts. It’s getting pretty long.

I decided that I’m changing the wording of this process from “job search/hunt” to “job find.” That sounds more definitive. Actually, I did that last job search and it helped quite a bit.

I found.

So let me find that opening door that I hear so much about, so I can get back to dating, traveling, saving and living.

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  1. So not only was I just recently unemployed, but also unemployed from Sept 2011 to Dec 2012…and it did suck and it was difficult and I feel for ya….I like seeing that you are out having fun (which I also did) and continue to do that….DON’T EVER GIVE UP is the generic advice I give you but honestly, it’s so true…and also, hang in there….

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