Here’s are blog from a blog friend in Germany about drinking and driving. So dangerous.

I admit 25-20 years ago I may have been over the limit twice and still drove, thankfully I and the public was safe.

One time I got pulled over by cops and was breathalyzed. I was under the limit bu t they still cuffed me for 15 minutes or so before letting me go. Very sobering, figuratively and literally.

Last week, I went to Wing Night with the guys on Long Island. I ordered a beer. After I finished it, the server automatically brought another. Instead of just sucking it up and sucking it down, I told her I didn’t ask for it and there was a little back and forth but eventually she took it away.

I’m pretty sure 2 Bud Lights are under the legal limit here in the US, but it’s just not worth it. I hear about drunk people going the wrong way on a highway to usually fatal ends. So sad. Be careful, people.



Sunday. The past few of days, I wrote about how much I struggle with the driving rules and how much I dislike driving. I also posted several pictures of my wine rack and my alcohol collection. Right now I feel I need to write a post showing that behind the bottle, there is someone who’s actually very conscious (and that’s me, if you wonder). So today I’ll talk more about drinking and driving. But this time, it’ll be in an educative way.

The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is the measurement used to determine alcoholic intoxication. It’s usually expressed as a percentage and it represents the mass of alcohol per mass of blood.

I’m not sure if many of you are aware, but depending on the country, that percentage varies. So if you come from the US or England to Germany and drink as much as you are used to, chances…

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