VIP Saturday

So Saturday, I went to something called the Bacon and Beer Classic held at Citifield in Queens NY where the Mets play.

You heard right.  Bacon and Beer.

The Mets were playing at Yankee Stadium so the stadium was used to house food vendors and their bacon or bacon-featured foods. And craft beers from brewer vendors.

Wow, it was fun.

My pal “Sven” and I bought VIP tickets for the 12-3pm session.  That means we got in at 11am, could attend a tour if we wanted, and could go on certain areas of the field. And it wasn’t THAT much more than the General Admission price.  So HELL YEAH.


They gave out ceramic cups and beer vendors just filled them up. If you break it, no more beer for you.


On the warning track


In the dugout


Sweet chili bacon


Canadian bacon slider



Maple Canadian slider


Pretzels with a bacon dip


That’s a bacon BROWNIE!



So much fun. I haven’t been on a professional baseball field since I was a kid. And with bacon, beer and a buddy… that’s good times.

THEN I got on the subway and went to the Mets Yankees game in the Bronx!
My brother “Calvin” got these great seats in a suite, close to the game,  free food, server service. More VIP treatment.


Nice to hang with Cal and his wife and daughter.

A few months ago, I mentioned that my friends and I were going out to a club like we did 15 years ago. “Old Man Night” with a table and bottle service etc. That was last night also.  However,  after bacon,  beer and baseball I couldn’t do it. I went home and went to bed.

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