Photos by a Friend

So I realized that my LinkedIn picture is old and not very good. It’s off-center and casual. Casual pics can work on LinkedIn, but this one doesn’t.

And… the picture is 8 years old. And even though I am an ageless wonder and people’s jaws regularly drop irregularly when I tell them I’m 42… enough’s enough, GRex… update your damn picture.

Now my friend “Jim” is an amateur photographer… of naked women.

I’ve known Jim since we were 2, he’s a great guy, would give me the shirt of his back. He’s got a great profession, lives in Manhattan and at some point, decided he wanted to get into photography. He takes it very seriously, professional quality of naked women, more artsy than glamor.

But for me… he did a professional head shot. And Jimbo actually photoshopped it, got rid of blemishes, hairs sticking up and everything.

I wore a white shirt, navy blue suit jacket. One pic with a tie,  one without.  And I kept the rest of my clothes on ; ) in very happy with them and my LinkedIn peeps and prospective employers will be impressed.  I like the shot with the tie better. I prefer to have one without the tie but the angle wasnt great and you can’t tell that my white shirt is unbuttoned.

I forgot to tilt my head down, Jim’s 2 inches shorter than I am so the angle got some double chin action. There’s a shadow so it’s not terrible. We discovered during the editing. Eh, it creates some depth. I didn’t think it’s a big deal for a LinkedIn pic.

It looks very “bank executive” which is perfect.  I mean BUSINESS.

I treated Jim to dinner as a thank you,  we went to Shake Shack, had burgers and fries.

And oh yeah, Jim’s dating a 19 year old.
Wait… WHAT?!

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  1. For a minute there I thought you were going to say that Jim photographed you as he would his normal subjects. New line of work you’re venturing into, I’m impressed 😉 Good for you on the headshots, I’m sure they look great! And oh yeah, go Jimbo, 19 huh?


  2. Linked is a great source for job offers, mine got so many that I finally pulled it off the public view thing cleared most of the info on it. I don’t need a job so it was a hassle. I keep thinking I’ll get round to spiffing it up again but there’s not time just now. Forty something men with the late teens early twenties pairings are fairly common round here. Most of them are fellas who are coming out of bad marriages or relationships with women their age and want to feel young and alive again. They seem to have fun and hurt no one but themselves, harmless, mostly.

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