Putting the “ex” Conn-ex-ion

So out of the blue, I got a text from a woman I used to date “Mary.” Mare and I have known each other since 1991. Her friend dated my friend and the two crews of friends intertwined for a while. But I never dated her at that time. She “went with” another friend or two.

By “went with” I mean “made out with.” That was our term for it in my neighborhood. I know “went with” normally means “spent time with” but it was contextual. “Hey Phil, I know you like Jen, did you go with her yet?” “No.” “Wuss.”

Ah, the  teenage years.

But Mary and I never did anything back in the day. But we reconnected a few years ago on Facebook, caught up, flirted, started dating and hung out for the summer. Fun times initially but we had our differences and weren’t each other’s long term solutions. We both knew it.

The writing on the wall was very clear, boldface, italicized, underlined, 72 point in Times New Roman, and we parted very amicably.

And by that I mean we still occasionally text and leave Facebook comments. Usually on her pictures of her wimpy dog and she threatens to punch me in the face. Such great pillow talk. Believe it or not, when we were hanging out in person,  playfully antagonistic exchanges like that have led to sex. Foreplay By Queens natives.

Anyhoo, yesterday I got a random text from Mary. No threats of physical violence this time, but she asked if I was single and looking. Took md by surprise, ar first. A friend-of-her’s sister-in-law was looking for a man. On Long Island, not too out and is moving to Queens in a month.

Now who am I to turn down a random opportunity? She sent a pic… pretty woman. 32 years old. Dirty blonde hair, thin, wears a toe ring, kid friendly (her niece was in the pic.) I sent one back and she’s waiting to hear if I got the go ahead to get the phone number.

My being unemployed is the wildcard with women these days, I’m not quite the catch that I was this time last year. Mary knows about it and may let the prospect know.

If she does, I at least hope Mary also mentions that I regularly rocked her world in bed ; )

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  1. That didn’t go the way I thought it would go….I thought “Mary” was going to ask you if you wanted to meet up. Very cool that she mentioned you to someone else…Don’t worry about being umemployed at all since Mary knows you. I undertand about thinking about it cause it was definitely difficult for me to go on dates when I was not working (that’s right….NOT working…I just got a job and so I’m sure it will happen to you too very soon)!

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