Preserved In Salt

So Thursday evening I met with a fellow blogger for dinner and drinks. We had met already maybe two months ago,  had drinks in the city with some other bloggers.

So Thursday met at an Italian salumeria. The food was phenomenal. We ordered a cheese and meat platter, rigatoni bolagnese and eggplant parmesan. When the cheese and meat came, we realized that should have been the only thing we ordered. BIG PLATTER.


Clockwise from the top: Soppresatta, Machego, Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Cacciatore, and Ricotta Salata.

And believe you me, everything was DELICIOUS. And… SALTY. I mean if that wasn’t enough, there were olives in the center.

We put a little dent in it but had other food too. Couldn’t finished any course. Sinfully good. Just too much. I took the leftovers.

Very fun evening. Lots of laughing, blog discussion and general banter.

We went to a nearby rooftop bar afterwards in the breeze for a few more. Good times.

So Friday, I finished the pasta, had some more cheese and meat. 

Saturday I finished the eggplant parm, and had more meat and cheese platter in the afternoon. But at night I was to go to a rooftop bar with a friend for drinks. HOWEVER, he said that he had too much steak as his place in Manhattan and his wife was a vegetarian. And she was gone for the weekend. Ouch, ouch, STOP TWISTING MY ARM!!

And how did we cook the steak? BBQ? No. In the oven? NO. We cooked it on a GIANT SLAB OF HIMALAYAN SALT!!

That’s right, as if my blood pressure want high enough after the meats and cheeses. Buuuuut… who am I to turn down this culinary marvel? Behold!




That’s right. Put it on top of the burner like a pan. Heat it up slowly and BOOM, it cooks and seasons SIMULTANEOUSLY.

We had strips of steak that cooked relatively quickly. And it was GOOD!

Now, I need to go on a sodium cleanse for a bit or else I might BECOME a human luncheon meat. Salami Rex?

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