Sweet Spot and the Golf Guillotine

Ok yesterday was the first 70+ degree farenheit day of the year.

Sun’s out, guns out, as they say. Short sleeve weather, baby. That’s right. So I decided to go to the golf driving range.  That would be my gym today.

I’ve been going to the same range by me in Brookyn since the early 90s. It also has mini-golf and a baseball batting cage. And a friend gave me his set of golf clubs last year in his monk-like effort to shed unneeded physical things like golf clubs, a step ladder, folding chairs and a snow shovel. And GRex was the happy recipient.

So I brought my clubs to my car today but as I put them in my trunk I noticed the one wood club leaded looked limp inside the club head cozy.

Yep, it snapped off.



I have no idea how it happened, but I have a working theory. I kept my clubs in my trunk for a few months last year, so… maybe as I drove around some shift was abrupt and pushed the club against the car wall? I can’t think of anything else.

Either way, I was careless,  and that’s really upsetting. And made me angry.

I have to watch myself, when something like this happens, a snowball of negativity and self-loathing can easily get going.

So I yelled in car a little to get it out if my head. I simmered down as I pulled into the parking lot. It’s just a thing, and lesson learned.

I just hit the balls with the 3 wood instead.

Now I haven’t hit a golf ball since September, so today, I was pretty bad.  At first, anyway. Then I took it a step back. Instead of drawing the club all the way back and completely unleashing on the ball with all the torque and strength that I could muster, I just slowly chipped away with the 3 wood driver.

After a few initial shots, it started to really jump of the club head, even though I was swinging at a lower velocity. I could hear the nice “CLANG!” I found the sweet spot on the club head that’s designed to optimally drive the ball. My earlier aggressive chops gave the ball some distance and height, but the sweet spot on the golf head has mutant powers.

I resumed full strength… much better… tried some irons too. The rest of the bucket went straighter and longer (with some slices and hooks sprinkled in there. I’m not perfect)

Looking forward to going in a month.  I might go again sooner, but my uncle lives nearby and had his knees replaced recently. He said he’d possibly be ready to go in a month.

In the meantime, I’m in the market for a one wood, the Big Dog.

I know you were expecting a “sweet spot of life” metaphor as the moral of the story, but I’m sure you could draw your own conclusions ; )


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  1. On a positive note, this is an ideal opportunity to “guy accessorize.” To match your shiny new 1 Wood, perhaps a new set of irons?! Okay, okay – I know money is tight but you can dream!


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