Great night in New York City

So, I live in Brookyn. Brookyn is one of the five boroughs that make up “New York City.” Technically,  the county name is Kings County.  Brooklyn is huge, used to even be its own city.

It’s very popular these days, has its own arena with its own professional  basketball team and next year,  a hockey team also. And the Brooklyn  neighborhoods that are close to Manhattan are extremely hip, popular and expensive.

But there’s a lot more to Brooklyn. I live in one of those other neighborhoods.

I live in a good neighborhood that’s a little over an hour to midtown Manhattan by subway. And the local subway line that goes to mu neighborhood is legendarily slow/infrequent on the non-rush-hours.

So much so that when people hear where I live they react like “ooh, that’s far away.”

Anyway, tonight I came into the Financial District (southernmost Manhattan) to have drinks/dinner with my friend “Gabe.” Always fun hanging with Gabe, he lives in the area. We have friends in common, love sports, both grew up in southern Queens, NY so we speak the same language.

We even made tentative plans to take a trip to Baltimore to see a game at the spectacular Camden Yards. I’ve never been.

We left the bar around 8:45pm, he went home… but… even though my legs are STILL sore from Leg Day on Sunday, I needed to just walk around for a while. My weather app said it was 68 degrees F and it was AWESOME in the city. Not cool, not warm. Zero humidity. Practically breezeless. Just fantastic to walk around.


NY Stock Exchange

I’ve never lived in Manhattan so there’s still some city mystique at times, in certain areas. Definitely NOT Times Square but the Financial District at night is DEFINITELY one of those for me.

“FiDi” used to be business-only thorough the 90s, but it’s gotten more residential/commercial since then. Given that, it’s still 65% desolate. I think that’s why I like walking around in clear weather. Even in my neighborhood in BK we’re sardines compared to the Financial District.

So I walked around. Went to the southern tip of Manhattan where I saw this:


And that’s with my camera zoomed in all the way.  Statue of Liberty is very close to New Jersey, but technically it belongs to NY. Go figure.

Turned around and shot this:


That’s the Freedom Tower left of center.
Outdoorsy cafes, bars, redtaurants haven’t quite opened up for the warm weather, so cool to catch everything quiet. NYC, for a big city, is very safe. Glad I could walk around in this awesome clear weather, bordering on, but yet not chilly.

Looking forward to when it gets warmer and I could go to North Cove Marina by the water west of the Freedom Tower and the Financial Center. There’s a very cool open area for food, drinks and beautiful yachts.

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  1. Great photos. I’ve never been by the stick exchange at night. What’s with the party city sign on it?? I’m up for an outdoor drink!!


  2. How awesome! Thanks for sharing your walk. I’ve never been to NYC, so it’s nice to see someone who lives there getting out there and discovering/sharing things with us. I felt like you were giving this small-town Texas girl a tour!;)

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  3. Hey Rex, I got to see those perfect weather days in NYC this week. Walked the Highline for the first time. Slices at Joe’s Pizza, Washington Square, NYU, Strand Books, dinner at Chelsea Market…it was a Chamber of Commerce kinda day. Always a fan. Daughter in Brooklyn 5 years now. Love your night photos ! Van ☺

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