Paying it forward aka nobody should pay on their birthday

So last night I was at a friend “Eric”‘s birthday get together. He does a thing every year.  8 years ago I remember it involved going to a club/dancing/etc. Now in our 40’s… it’s just dinner and drinks.

Money’s tight for me with no job at the moment.  I have savings and I get unemployment but I should be minding my expenses. I’m doing better at saving  than I was, but I still won’t chinse on the right thing. He’s a friend.  It’s his birthday.

I’ve been on the receiving end of lots of generosity lately in terms of meals and drinks, time to pay it forward. Ok I’m not that proactive when someone’s birthday is coming up telling them I’ll take them out. Ok you got me. I have lots of friends and that’s not cost effective at the moment.

Plus, I find most friends around my age aren’t throwing out throwing parties for themselves anymore. I suppose that because many of my friend’s are married and their families take care of them.

Eric’s single, so I’m happy to pitch in for him. Single Bro’s Code.

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