Meditation Woes: Nothing is Difficult

So I’m well aware that meditation is good for my mental state. When done consistently, I find I’m more focused, clear,  calm, etc. Howard Stern and Jerry Seinfeld (and millions of others) are big into meditation.

There once was a time when I meditated once a day, in the morning, for 21 days. 3 friends and I saw this great Ted Talk by Shawn Achor – “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positi…:

He recommends a 21 day challenge for getting into a positive state, where each day has meditation, a random act of kindness, a gratitude list, journaling and exercise.

We all did this 21 day challenge and it was awesome. I enjoyed the meditation a lot. First thing after showering in the morning.

But then… it fell out of my daily practices. Practices take practice.

So I’ve been dabbling for a while now,  maybe 18 days out of the last month. BUT, yes, to get the real calming,  focusing, clearing affect I need to do meditate EVERY DAY.

So now I’m back on an effort to meditate every day, in fact I’m going to start the 21 day challenge again.

And I’m trying to do a “clear my head,  focus only on my breathing and a mantra” type of meditation. And lemme tell ya… thinking of nothing ain’t easy.

It’s sounds great to give my mind a rest for twenty minutes but damn, things just pop in there.

I’m starting to see how Ray Stanz in Ghostbusters, when he was to think of nothing, thought of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It just popped in there.


Like working out, learning piano, or pretty much anything on life, even thinking of nothing takes time and effort to master.

Practices take practice.

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