Interesting job search quirks

I recently heard that a friend/ex- coworker friend/ex-boss”Bill” did not get hired at a company that I also interviewed at. I’m sure it was fir a different position.  He didn’t get it. I know it’s sick to say but I feel better about my not getting a job there. Bill’s very buttoned up and knowledgeable about the industry. I’m shocked they didn’t hire him but it just underscores how tough the company is… and it is legendarily tough.

Also, I heard back from one job possibility that I still had open.  I didn’t get it. It was actually with my previous company, training on research products… including the one that I managed at my last position there.

Training was a part of my last two positions.

I recently heard that a woman I know was also interviewing for it. “Bertha.” She didn’t get it either.  She has lots of training experience too.

Ironically, she reached out to me today.  She had been talking to people we have in common.  She said that the hiring manager though she was over-qualified and that’s probably the reason why for me.

Granted, having training on products that I used to train on doesn’t really excite me, but it would get me back in the game. She’s probably right. This position is kind of a step back for both of us. And as it seems to me,  the internal person who got the probably came in cheaper than what I was asking.

Happy ending: Bertha had mentioned that she heard of a position at a company that I want to work at. I actually interviewed there in Q4 2014 so I have some contacts there.  So I re-contacted them. What the hell?

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