“No, don’t sit there!”

So tonight it rained a bit here in NYC. I was out with the guys from my old job having beers and shooting the shit.

As we left the last bar, my friend “Zack” and I took the subway together. As we got on, I was about to sit, but Zack said “Don’t sit there,  there’s water on that seat.” I looked down and indeed some rain from someone’s umbrella or coat was on that particular seat. So I sat next to it.

So Zack and I talk some more, bahbuhbah. He even said that he not only remembered the name of my blog,  but occasionally visited it. Fuckin A! But then he leaves the train at his stop on Manhattan.

So there I was,  next to the wet seat, warning unsuspecting people not to sit there. Standing sentry, ever vigilant. I knew better so I was responsible.

But after a few minutes I said to myself  “Fuck THAT. Why the hell do I have to be the wet seat safeguard, warning each person who’s about to sit there? I’m no subway chaparone. I got a long ride home and lots of virtual pages to turn on Game of Thrones book 2 on my Kindle.”

So I got up and moved to a different seat in the next block of seats.

I admit… part of me wanted someone to sit there.

But nobody did.

: (

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  1. I sat next to a homeless man who stank to high heavens. I didn’t move. I didn’t want him to feel bad, like being shunned like a leper. I suffered though. Whatever.:(


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