Sleeping positions

Lately it’s like only only position I’m comfortable to sleep in is on my stomach with my arms around a thin pillow.

I have the thin pillow, no problem, but back/arm comfort-wise during the waking day, it can cause problems.

But on my stomach, I’m asleep within ten minutes.

What about you? Can you recommend any good sleeping positions?


  1. I use the man as a cuddle pillow. I usually half koala him and fall asleep. So one arm is out behind me and the other is wrapped around him with one of my legs thrown over him.

    Plus, he’s warm. It’s important to be warm when the weather starts getting cold 😉

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  2. When I was with my ex, I was more a stomach sleeper, but kinda always had my arm wrapped over him. So I bought a body pillow for when I was home. Nowadays I’m back to sleeping on my side, but notice the neck/ arm pain. Maybe I should take my own advice and get another body pillow. It could help you too!

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  3. Before I had my kids I slept on my back….pregnancy complicates that and you get to the point where you have to sleep on your side…since then, I have slept on my side…I go from side to side all night long….if someone where to be sleeping next to me they would have to be a sound sleeper for me not to constantly wake them with my acrobatics….I do love my super soft down pillow…..I too, sleep with myself all covered up with one leg sticking out in the cold…..on that note…going to sleep now!

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  4. Unfortunately, I find it easier to drift into sleep in this same position but I’ve always wondered, is that a good position for my stomach to be without over stretching or over relaxing the muscles of my tommy?

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