My Facial Hair Experiment

My facial hair does not come in very thick. And it doesn’t cover the full beard area ie no hair comes in on the front of my chin and no hair connects the mustache area and the beard.

The thickest area is under my chin. Too bad I’m not Amish.

And some of the hair comes in light brown or even blonde.

When I’m working I would shave every few days because you can’t even see my 5 o’clock shadow. But being that I’m unemployed currently, I don’t shave fully unless I have an in-person interview, a date or anything formal. These last few weeks have been dry, so I’m growing.Β 

I keep it neat looking, shave my neck and trimmed the length once, a week ago.

I’m trying. I don’t want a big hipster beard,Β I just want some decent gruff.

Buuuuuut… I think it’s time to admit defeat. It’s just not in my genes. Best to just stay clean shaven all of the time.

You agree?





  1. I think it looks fine. As long as its kept need and tidy. Your genetics have deemed you to have this and it suits you. πŸ™‚


  2. Give it at least 30 days. The trick is to keep it trimmed under your jaw line, and keep it fairly close and not wiry. Think Tony Stark-ish. Not Duck Dynasty. throat beards never look good. If Jack Sparrow can pull one off, you should do fine. It takes patience.


  3. Do you have eyes…cuz, every picture you post is of every part of your face except your eyes….so, I’m thinking you don’t have and….or maybe just one big one in the middle??

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  4. It took me 42 years to fight Asian genetics, but I finally have a beard that fully covers my face and isn’t patchy! I just grew it out last month, think it is a keeper for now!

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  5. Well, you are handsome either way πŸ˜‰. I am not a huge fan of full beards but it seems to be a trend right now. In my opinion, 5 o’clock shadow is about the sexiest thing going, but I realize that is probably difficult to maintain.

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