Pasta’d Out

So for Easter I visited my cousin “Celeste” over an hour away on Long Island. She’s divorced,  has two boy 8, 9.

Celeste and I were pretty close until the college years. Nothing bad happened,  just life.

The boys take a little time to warm up to speak to me, they like to play hide n seek upon my entering. Ok fine. They hid. I was in no mood to seek this time. They came out eventually.

Since it was just us four, we made cavatelli pasta from scratch.  Yes,  again.

One son,  “Mitch” and I did pasta,  Celeste and the other son,  “Pete” made meatballs.

Mitch did a great job of kneading, rolling into cylinders, cutting then rolling each piece with his fingers.

That’s twice eating pasta in 8 days. I gotta make it more infrequent or else I’m gaining the 9 pounds I just lost on my cleanse.

The boys loosened up along the way.  They actually talk,  who knew? They’re into soccer, basketball, art. Silly boys. Fun times.

Afterwards, we threw a ball around in the yard, swang on songs, then played Clue. It’s funny. They don’t really play just the two of them, they insist on Celeste playing with them. She is very active with them but it’s strange how they just powered down when Celeste sat with me to talk for a bit.

I took home some meatballs… and pickles. I had suggested Bread and Butter pickles. Celeste bought them but the boys didn’t like them. Blasphemy.

By the way, Professor Plum did it in the Hall with the Rope.




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