Something smells fishy

Ok, I’ve written about my admiration/acknowledgement of odor in many ways, whether it was the smell of marijuana, the Smell of Fresh Basil, or how enchanting a great smelling woman can be.

(What if a woman smelled of fresh basil? My God, take my heart.)

Anyway, there’s another highly useful aspect of odor, when something is bad, wrong and dirty.

Case in point,  my refrigerator started smelling a few weeks ago. Like fish.

Yes.  Like fish. I have never had a fish in there in my five years at this apt.

So, I removed everything and cleaned it. Yes, there were a few… old… items in it that I’m happy to have parted with. And I scrubbed all shelves, drawers, etc. I put in baking soda.

But the smell remained. It was coming from INSIDE THE REFRIGERATOR. As in its workings that create the cold.

Cue dramatic music.


Last weekend my handy buddy came over my place and helped me fix a drawer. While we were at it, I had him tale a quick look at the fridge. Turns out, he “knows a guy” who does appliance repair. “Javier.”

I called Javier yesterday and he came within the hour. He and his pal spoke Spanish most of the time. He knew what was the problem instantly. The fridge wasn’t defrosting itself properly. They cracked open the freezer and WOW there was a TON of ice in the freezer’s innards. Near the heater. Wait. Refrigerators have HEATERS? Who knew?

After defrosting the ice with a hair dryer he then replaced a defroster timer (?), put the whole thing back together, adjusted the settings and BOOM, like new.

(Yes, I’m a single man and I have a hair dryer. So what?

Actually, I’m surprised it worked.  It was in a big bag of random cords, and it’s very old. A holdover from when I used to put mousse in my hair and should  blow dry it everyday, I think I last time that it was used was in the early 90s before I moved to hair gel.)

And I was even able to break out some high school Spanish. I heard them day “mierda” and I asked what was wrong, since mierda means “shit” in Spanish.  And, as Javier passed through a narrow space between the fridge and the cabinets and I said ¡Que flaco! (How skinny! Or What skinniness!)

They had a good laugh.

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