Saw the Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart movie with a friend

Ok, Friday night I wanted to see some friends. I put the bait out via text for a Wing Night, two guys were busy but one counter-offered with something to eat and a movie.

I suggested seeing Fast and Furious 7 with all of its action and explosions, he turned it down opting for the new Will Ferrell/Kevin Hart comedy.

I want exactly wanting to see that, but hey, pick your battles. Though I’m not a Kevin Hart fan I’ve found some Ferrell movies surprisingly entertaining.

And this was all discussed on a group text with the two other buddies who couldn’t hang out.

So my buddy “Hank” and I made plans to go to dinner at an Italian place, then get drinks at a nearby bar, then see a movie and the title of that movie is called “Get Hard”. In the movie, the term meant “tough” because Ferrell was going to prison and wanted to survive. But yes, it’s called “Get Hard”.

And we’re still getting razzed on the group text.  Ok, we walked right into that one. Dinner, drinks, movie called Get Hard. Still, I like a good ribbing by friends, as I love to dish it out too. I’m secure in my manhood for it.


  1. I gotta admit, I can only take Will Ferrell in very small doses. Usually a full length feature is about quadruple the recommended dosage for me!

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