The Bagel Store Coincidence

So as my cleanse ended yesterday, I want to still eat healthy, low carb, etc, but I haven’t had coffee in two weeks.  So dammit, I’m having coffee today.

And two eggs and crispy bacon on a wrap : )

So I went to my local bagel place, a literal two minute walk away. Damn I love living in the land of convenience.

Anyway, after ordering I was standing there waiting. And I started thinking of my friend “Kevin.” Kevin lived across the street from me growing up in Queens NY and he now lives less than 20 streets away here in Brooklyn.

I started thinking of him because although they’re are at least two bagel places closer to him,  he likes the one close to me. And I have seen him there on the rare occasion.

So I turn my head,  and THERE HE IS.

Always great to see him. We spoke.  He’s on his way into the city to start prepping the rooftop bar that he works at April-October. Lately we’ve seen each other quite a bit for done in the neighborhood. I really do enjoy his friendship.

Except if the Jets play his Raiders.

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