Tomorrow is technically the end of my two week cleanse

Ok so I’ve been on a two week cleanse.  For five days of each week, I was to substitute two meals with a shake provided by a nutrition company and the third meal is to be a healthy meal.

The other two days I’m to substitute all the meals with a “deep cleanse” drink.

The idea is high protein, low carb, low sugar type of stuff.

Ok, I did cheat. Three days. Not necessarily cheated all three meals. That’s probably why I still have some product left.

And I had a few beers each week.  Maybe more than a few.

Still, those three days makes a difference.  I still think I’m down a few pounds, my belly is slightly leaner. I can see how it makes a difference.  My energy hasn’t been lit up like some say it’s supposed to be,  but it hasn’t been down either.

I did re-learn that I really don’t need to eat a lot if it’s the right stuff. I don’t necessary have to feel stuffed to be nurished.

Overall still a good experience,  I needed to do something dramatic to shock me back into healthy eating mode.

I still have some shake mix left, will probably substitute a meal a day until it’s gone. Will help me save money too. Especially since I got a free batch of vanilla since the strawberry is, not surprisingly, pretty bad tasting.

Damn, I can’t wait to have Taco Bell again!!


  1. I’ve done the same thing! Feel great, wish I saw quicker results on the scale, but i’m in that middle-age group, and my daughter informed me I also haven’t been hitting the gym. Damn kids anyway! Hah! Great job, it is a big step forward! Did I mention I stayed away from the Cheetos….there is hope! You were making all that good food though??

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  2. Definitely not a long term solution. I won’t ever do meal replacer stuff. I’d rather eat real food. Good on you for getting on the right track though, glad this worked for you!

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