Mistaken Identity or Identity Theft

So the other day I got an email from  Ford asking me to take a survey after I bought a 2015 Ford Mustang. However, I have NOT purchased a Ford Mustang.

Oh boy.

I went to the Ford dealer near me.  Apparently a guy with the same name as me, but in Staten Island has purchased a Mustang. Good for the other me. But MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS ON IT. Odd, I’ve never met anyone that I’m not related to with my last name. And first man’s to boot?

Nobody at the dealer has any idea of how that happened. Only a theory that when he bought it they didn’t get his email address so they looked up the name and used mine. I’m in their database having gone their 3 years ago to test a Ford Fusion,  but I haven’t been there since.

They removed my email address from his record.

And I checked my credit reports.  Nothing on it to say anything foul play is happening.

BUT…. I’m suspicious.

Also, I received an email from a local spa. I got a massage there years ago with a Groupon. This email confirmed my appointment for Wednesday April 1st.

Great!…. except for the fact that I DIDN’T MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!!!


Turns out, a guy with the same first name and a last name one letter away from mine had an appointment and they accidentally had MY email address on it.


I did inquire as to their price. Wasn’t bad really but I have to be extra responsible with my expenses these days.

Too bad, I do love a nice deep tissue massage.


  1. I had a cousin ( who also recently passed) with the same name, just different middle names. About 10 or so years who I started using my full name more often, now I’m getting Facebook messages thinking her passing was me. Very strange and creepy.
    I’d totally go for the massage though if the price was right 🙂


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