Today’s gym: Making Pasta (forgive me, cleanse Gods)

So my first cousin, once removed (aka my dad’s first cousin) “Daniela” invited me over her house here in Kings County (Brooklyn) for Palm Sunday today.  Now I’m not exactly a practicing Catholic anymore, but I rarely turn down a family invitation. It’ll just be four of us: me, Daniela, her son and my Uncle “Sal” (dad’s brother.)

“What can I bring?”

“Ice cream or any dessert you’d like.”

“How about I make cavatelli pasta.”

“Ooh, cavatelli. Yes do that.”

I’ve blogged about this once before, that I occasionally make homemade cavatelli pasta from scratch.  Flour, ricotta and eggs. No mixer. It’s pretty fantastic. Actually, I’ve given the recipe to a fellow blogger Doted On and she made it all the way in Germany.

Anyway, it’s in my DNA. My grandmother used to make it when she was living with us in the mid 80s. I make it every now and then (a big hit on a date too.) Daniela, Uncle Sal and I made it for a holiday last year,  so it’s in our RAM. So It’s one of my go-to suggestions of how I can contribute to a meal. Or I usually just buy dessert or wine.

Then a few days ago I put it together: I’M ON A CLEASE!


To be honest,  I’ve cheated a day or two.  And now that I made this suggestion, I didn’t want to reneg. I know I absolutely could have.  I get it. But it ain’t happening. It’s liked too much.  Hell, I MYSELF like it too much. So I’ll adjust my schedule. But oh, it’s on.

AND since it’s all by hand it’s quite the arm workout.




  1. Thanks for the mention sweetie! 🙂 And again thanks for the recipe!!
    They are truly delicious! I can’t wait to make them in October with pumpkin/cheese sauce.


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