Fixed my drawers

So ok, a drawer broke on my bureau. The front panel came off its original nails. I just don’t know my own strength.   Plus it’s been coming off of it’s tracks lately.

It’s on its way out. But not this day.

I’m not quite ready to get a new bureau. So I went to fix it myself. Then I remembered that my pal does carpentry, so why not have him there?

We nailed it back together,  wood glued too, and fixed the tracks so the drawers didn’t fall off the tracks. 

Then went to his place and built a wooden bed frame around the metal frame.

Felt good to do some manual work. Fixing and building. My stepdad is a master at construction. His kids/stepkids never picked it up, but good do do some hammering and drilling nonetheless.


  1. Well fitting drawers that stay on the right track are an asset to young men. Keep them in line, keep thin inline.


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