My cleanse got dirty

Ok, so I’m on a cleanse where, for two weeks I am to have two shakes a day to replace two meals plus one sensibly portioned, healthy,  low carb/sugar meal. However,  two consecutive days of each week,  instead of the shakes I’m to drink 4 less filling, more cleansing drinks (no food meal at all.)

Yes, challenging.

Especially Saturday.  I had my two shakes for breakfast and lunch. However… I had plans to visit a friend’s house. His wife was going out for a girl’s night, so he called a couple of the guys over to help watch the kids and other shenanigans.

These plans were made weeks ahead of time and he was BBQing. I was completely intending on eating some meat and that would be it. And not touching the pastry style cookies that I brought for the house.

I get there and oh he’s ready for company. A lot of beer,  Cool Ranch Doritos  (the best chip on the planet), pita chips and hummus, another spiced up bag of chips, bacon and cheddar flavored pretzels, 3 kinds of ribs, pulled pork, burgers wrapped in BACON.

Oh come on.  I’m just a man. This was pushing the limits of my willpower. But also, he spent some money for the night. Could I really say “Thanks for all of this, but I’m on a cleanse so I’ll just take a few ribs, pulled pork (no bun), and a burger, hold the bun… and hold the bacon… dammit”?

No, I could not do it. I went all in. Including the cookies.

And let me tell you… I PAID THE PRICE for my transgression.

I slept over since he lives a couple hours away and it was a night event. I think I only slept a few hours. My stomach was tossing and turning, and I wasn’t about to wake them up to see if they had any Peptp, Alka-Selzter, etc.

And this morning I drove back then straight out to a friend’s wife’s 40th bday party. I was not prepared to start doing shakes again.


Ok, I’ll go back tomorrow.


  1. Oh dear. Tomorrow is a new day, best not to try to cleanse too much on a weekend. I should know, I destroyed my clean eating with pizza on Friday night. The kids really wanted pizza!

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