The DJ Oscar G Coincidence

Ok so at the big dinner with my friends this past weekend, one of the plans we made coming out is for a bunch of us to go to a club in the city like old times.  One that plays house music and is trendy. And we’d reserve a table with bottle service and the whole nine.

We’re calling it “Old Man Night” since at 38-43 we’ll clearly be the creepy older guys in the place.

So if making plans,  “Kevin” asks if we want to go on the night where the DJ Victor Calderone is spinning,  or Oscar G. If never heard of Oscar G before.

Not an our later, one of the guys from the dinner, who is a jungle/drum n bass music producer and DJ, happened to post a pic on Facebook of an early festival that he spun at in the 90s with a list of DJ’s.  He was on it,  of course,  but who else was on it?  Oscar G.



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