My cleanse has begun aka Shake It Up

Ok, Day 1.

Originally, I’ve been postponing it because a. Ok, I’m not looking forward to this,  and b. I’ve had plans to do things with people that involved food,  and I prefer not to hold back, like the dinner with the guys.

But my cleanse sponsor is really pressing me to start, as she absolutely should do. This morning I didn’t want to because I have plans tomorrow,  then  this weekend and BBQ to eat on Monday with some other pals.

Them she called me a procrastinator and said I needed discipline.

And thankfully I don’t have the same cavalier attitude towards procrastinating anymore, as I did as a youth. Now I actually know it’s nothing to joke about. Inaction can steal life away, it certainly has stolen part of mine and sometimes it feels like I’m climbing a mountain of sand trying to catch up on things. 

So ok, I got triggered when I heard “procrastinator.” Triggered in a good, cold shower kind of way.

Plus, life’s always moving along, things are always happening.

So ok, I agreed to it, got up, went straight to my blender,  and shook it up.

A strawberry flavored shake.  Yes, I know… “Strawberry?”

Ok, I ordered vanilla but for some reason I got strawberry, and the thought of packaging it up and sending it back is awful,  for just a mix up in a flavor.  I can’t be bothered.  I tried the strawberry,  it’s not bad.

Then a salad for lunch then a chocolate flavored shake for dinner.

But on “Cleanse Days” it’s a lighter beverage 4x/day. No food whatsoever. Fun. And I’m to do two Cleanse Days in a row!

I’m only on for two weeks. We’ll see how this goes.

And now, here’s Shake It Up by The Cars.


  1. Wow, I think you are on the same FAD weight loss plan I just finished and wrote about! If not they are very very similar! I know all too well about those “cleanse days” and stuck to 1 day a week rather than 2. But for best results they did recommend 2. Best of luck to you on this journey, it was well worth it! 🙂

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