Thin Walls

Ok, I live in an apartment building. There are 12 apartment units on my floor, and my building is 6 stories high. 

That’s 72 apartments in this building. Now, I’m not quite Mr Johnny Goodneighbor, having beers and borrowing sugar all over the place.  But I know that there are many many apartments here with more than one person in. So I’ll take a lazy guesstimate and will say at least 95 people live in this building.

Now some walls are concrete, some are sheet rock.  My point is…

I can hear people quite a bit.

People talking loudly, yelling at their TVs, dropping stuff, talking as they walk in the hallway.

And yes, people having sex.

It doesn’t happen often, but yep. Not really clearly, but it’s unmistakable. It only seems to come from the apartment below me, which makes sense because of the proximity, and because my bedroom is right above theirs. Now I know who they are. I can’t remember their names, but I know their dog, so when I hear them all I can think is “Go Rusty’s owners!”

It’s going to happen.  Maybe (hopefully definitely) others in the building are doing it too but they’re keeping it quiet. I don’t know, the couple two doors down look like screamers, plus they have kids. Perhaps they use ballgags.

And the people below or above me have not heard similar noises from the apartment above or below them in a while, but you never know. He’s working on it.


  1. Years ago I lived in an apartment where my upstairs neighbors had very loud sex every morning. It drove me crazy. So every morning I would call them up and then slam the phone down. The phone was next to my bed. I mean I could hear the phone ring upstairs, then me hanging up. Do you think these dickweeds ever got the hint?? Oh hell no. This went on for months. I complained to the apt. mgr, yeah, that was a joke. Then I slipped a nasty note under their door. Still nothing, I finally had to move out. I feel your pain Rex.


  2. Haha, get a porno and play it really loud, yell out with the actors, make them think you are getting some, at least until the real thing comes around. Lol, or find some really good friends to yell out with you.

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