Doctor, Master, Officer

Ok, I know this will bother people but whatever.

I know there are Doctorate degrees out there, and you can get them in nearly anything, but I refuse to refer to a person with a non-mental/physical health degree as “Doctor.”

Doctor of History, Doctor of English, Doctor of Statistics. I’m not saying anything bad about higher education. Au contraire. Go learn. But I’m not calling them “doctor.”

I had a teacher in college Dr Klinger, doctorate in Economics.


It’s unfortunate for them that the name of the degree is also a profession.  And don’t gimme that “well, the profession is actually called ‘physician'” crap.

It’s just how it is.

But… since it’s not their profession, but just that received the highest degree possible, now we have to call them that? That’s fairly douchey.

Hey, if they insist on being called by their highest degree, then I want to be called Bachelor Rex. I got friends Master DeVito and GED Jones.

PS: Also… why don’t we refer to people who work in offices as “officers”?


  1. :)))) This means I have to be called Bachelorette and this can really disturb my husband. ;)) They deserve to be honored but honestly, if you request people to call you like that it means you have such a low self-esteemed. Otherwise you wouldn’t want people to remind you constantly that you have a Doctorate Degree. ;))

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  2. Is this kinda along the lines of: Why do we call a place we park a driveway and a place where we drive a parkway?!

    I have an MBA and other than my LinkedIn page, I never ‘announce’ my…ahem…lofty educational exploits ever.


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