“I’ll never tire of your company”

So drinks tonight are with a friend I used to work with, “Phil.” Originally it was to be with another ex-colleague pal  “Mel.” Unfortunately, though Phil was in for drinks,  he hadn’t replied to my email, so Mel had made other plans.

So it was rescheduled for a couple weeks from now.

“Wait, GRex, I’m still in for drinks. I’ll never tire of your company,” replied Phil.

That’s frickin awesome, right? Such a great thing to hear one say.

Phil and I used to sit next to each other, for a year or so. He was in only a few days a week. And after I left the company we’ve been to a Mets game, and had drinks another time. Great guy.

Looking at people in general, we value the people in our lives but rarely quantify it with statements like that. Especially guys, but I wasn’t physically in his presence so he couldn’t just slug me in the shoulder.

So there you go.  Keep that cool saying in your pocket and pull it out at the right time.

Unfortunately, he’s a Patriots fan so I’ll have to deal with talking about Tom Brady for a bit. I gave him a 10 minute limit.


  1. I’m so glad you said that, GRex! We subconsciously think that other people know what we are thinking all of the time. (Especially dangerous when dealing with spouses.) Why don’t we verbalize it more often? Not out of disinterest, embarrassment or “manliness.” It’s because we don’t put ourselves in other peoples’ shoes often enough to do for them what we’d like to have done for us. What a nice commentary you provided.

    Too bad about the Patriots fan thing. Go Steelers!

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