Do I have to make a GRex Calendar now?

So today I heard someone’s fire alarm going off. In another apartment on my floor.

I’m realizing that my default is snarky detachment of Seinfeldian proportions, saying “That’s a shame” as I just observe.

Ok ok not that bad,  but I still let it go a couple minutes before….

I SWUNG INTO ACTION. It wasn’t stopping. Using my keen hearing I went to the apartment that it was coming out of.

I smelled no smoke but still someone may need help.

Knock knock knock.

A short old Italian(?) lady opens up.

Sidenote: I’m a bad floor resident. I don’t know anybody here well at all- never been inside anyone’s apt in 5 years, I don’t know people’s names that I see every day though I know their dogs’ names, never had a beer with anyone,  never borrowed even one cup of sugar.

Back to the story: The possibly Italian old lady opens up, and she looks ZERO familiar. Zilch. I thought I knew everyone on the floor by face at lest.  Huh…

Anyhoo… I smelled burnt food. Hence the fire alarm. Sure. I took a dish towel and waved furiously until the alarm stopped beeping.

Am I an honorary fire fighter now? Should I have my own calendar?

Her name is Helen. Helen was very appreciative of the stranger coming to her aid. She looks like a person that always has sugar in her kitchen.



  1. Good move. Old Italian ladies can be resourceful allies. The great big wooden salad spoon is a WMD. I know. They used to beat us kids with one all the time. I don’t think it ever touched a lettuce leaf. Just our tails. Then they hit us more to make us stop crying. Then they hit the kids that were not even there because it would not be fair not to hit everybody the same. No wonder we were all alcoholics and cynics by age 9.

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  2. I don’t know about the calendar but it was very sweet. Feels good doing nice, kind things for people doesn’t it? Although I do love Seinfeld and lmao even at the reruns 🙂


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