Fanboy Coincidence

Ok so I’m a comic book fanboy.  I collected comics from 1985 to 1999 or so. Marvel comics.

And yes, a part of me is SO COMPLETELY PUMPED that comic book movies are popular these days. I just wish the plots and screenplays could be tighter but that that’s not why I’m talking about them now.

Marvel is working on a Captain America 3 movie, in pre-production. “Civil War” is the storyline. That story came from the comics after I stopped collecting and I wanted to read it to catch up.  Marvel has a great deal,  $10 a month for unlimited online comic reading. I signed up.

So I go on the site and they’re promoting old issues of Thor that are online,  written by a god of comic writers/artists, Walt Simonson.

A few minutes later,  I’m texting a friend that I signed up for Marvel Unlimited. What does he tell me? He checked out a Walt Simonson Thor from the library!

Out of the fucking blue!


  1. I am thinking about getting my Netflix membership again. Just to see Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Also interested what they will do with traditionally “weak” characters like Aquaman.

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