Going On A Cleanse

Something drastic needed to be done. I was seeing hints of abs. They’re in there, peeking. But if nothing changes, that’s how they’re staying. Plus I need my back to get bigger.

I do work out, AND I need to step it up a bit more. AND yes, I’m aware that it’s mainly about diet. As 2014 ended with bagels galore, I’ve been eating better but its not enough. I have to go really low carbs, stupid amounts of protein.

But it’s a goal of like to hit,  be lean and slightly bigger for beach season.

It’s March. It’s time to get serious.

So I’ll start with two weeks of a cleanse that a friend talks about. Two shakes a day with an occasional fast day. Only for two weeks. That’ll be a good disruptor. After that lots of chicken and veggies. Ugh I’ll have to look up ways to flavor it up but lower calories. Buh bye pizza, sigh. But hello fitting easily into my 32 inch pants again.

Wait. . I’m forgetting something. ..



Guess it’s light beer and bourbon.


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