Daylight Savings Time, Rob Schneider and my Mom

So we changed our clocks this week.  “Spring ahead” as they say.  Very exciting, warmer weather, birds,  flowers. Good times.

I enjoy the time change itself. My parents now live in Florida and my Mom always calls me to remind me of the time change.

But why do we do this?  Let’s go back to the mid-90’s, shall we? There I was, the college years, yet living at my parents house in Queens NY. We’d still eat together every weekday, and scheduled it so we could watch Jeopardy at 7pm.  Religiously.

One day, before Jeopardy we were watching Comedy Central and they were showing a bit by the comedian Rob Schneider. It had to do with his mother calling him to remind him about the time change. And she’d identify herself on the answering machine.  Like who else would it be, Rob’s 8th grade gym coach Mr Baumanm?

Once I moved out of my house, twice a year, Mom and I would see who would call first “Hey Rex/Hey Mom, it’s Mr Baumann calling.”

We’ve been doing this for a good 20 years. It’s such a sweet memory for just the two of us.

Ok that’s not entirely accurate.  Only we participate in it, yes. But my step-father is well aware (“is it Mr Baumann time? ” he says as she calls me,) and my sister knows that I not only enjoy it, but I kinda use my mom’s remembering it as a barometer to see if she still has her marbles.

Ok ok that sounds mean.  But my mom’s been warning me that she’s losing it for 20 years.  It’s deeply ingrained.

I once left that story on Rob Schneider’s FB page (that I know he definitely updated at the time) and thought he’d be touched to be a part of a great thing with my mom that we’ve been doing for TWENTY YEARS, and that he’d respond in some way.

Nothing : )

Eh, it’s ok. He probably gets bothered by fans all the time.

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