Behold my Eldredge Knot from last week

Ok this is the only decent shot that has the tie knot in it, from the wedding I went to last week.

Yes, it’s black and white for some reason. And it’s been cropped as it is. Any more and the pic gets fuzzy. But I think you can see the Eldredge Knot.


To be honest,  this took me a half hour to do and I was borderline late. It’s not a perfect Eldredge but it did nicely.

(I’ve been slightly obsessed with tie knots lately.  I despise anything uneven like the Half Windsor or the Four in Hand. And the Shelby and the Nicky,  though even, are pretty hollow. I’ll stick with my solid Full Windsor and will break out the Eldredge for special occasions.)

And I just heard from the bride. Indiana my haste to get this knot done and to then get there on time,  I forgot to sign the check. 

Oh well. Lookin good ain’t always easy.


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