The Big Mo is building aka a good job search day

Hey all, yes I’m sum looking for a job on the digital advertising research or ad tech space. I have a second interview coming up next week,  the guy just had to get back from vacation.

This week momentum is really building.  I’ve been applying to jobs,  looking up the companies on LinkedIn then asking people who work there or people who have connections there to put in endorsements for me.

Today FOUR people did just that. AND another, an ex-boss-ish man  responded with his phone number and a “call anytime.”

Yes, a week agoI posted about the help that I’ve been getting lately and oh it’s picking up steam.

They say it takes more energy to get a locomotive moving than it takes to keep in moving. Gotta keep this up, and take this up as many notches as it takes to carry this into the endzone.

THANK YOU, KEEP IT COMING! To honor today’s theme,  I give you one of the X-Men’s enemies, the Juggernaut, whose power is unstoppable momentum.)



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