Curt Schilling vs his daughter’s cyberbullies

A while ago I postes about Social Media Muscles, the propensity for some people to write nasty comments about people on social media. Maybe people get bolder with anonymity or physical distance.


ENTER: ex-baseball pitcher/World Series champ & MVP Curt Schilling tweeted something about his daughter going to college soon,  pitching softball.
And then people commented on that tweet.  Most saying nice things but some wrote… not nice things. In fact, two were violently sexual/rape-like.

Read it all on CNN

A. (now, I’ve said this a lot on my blog, but) WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! This is real life,  not some deranged movie. Clearly they have nothing against the daughter per se but at Curt Schilling himself and are just talking it out on the subject, who happens to be his daughter. Just snidely commenting lewdly because, hell why not?  It’ll get Curt mad so who cares, right? They can say ANYTHING on social media. Nobody will hold them accountable, right?


Don’t fuck with Curt Schilling’s daughter. These people’s Twitter accounts were in their own names. A little Googly Googly and BAM, not only did he find out their details, but rammed them with ramifications.

One got suspended from college,  one got one fired from his job.

These are the days we live in. If your words are public, whatever you say is associated not only with you but who/what you’re associated with.

Personal brand management.

Curt Schilling stood up for what was wrong. Defended his daughter. He might as well give lectures on how to be a man. Well done, sir.


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