Spoiled by Powerball and Billionaires

Ok ok, no billionaires have spent ANY money on me, and I have yet to win the Powerball.

So for a long time, the biggest lottery in NY State was Lotto. Pick 6 (I think) numbers between 1 and whatever and good luck.

Since 2002 (I don’t know why I can’t find earlier) the biggest Lotto has been $65 million.

But lo these past ten(?) years, NY joined multi-state lotteries Megamillions and Powerball. Since they’re multi-state they can get to the hundreds of millions. Most famously one or maybe more of those topped $500 million.

Once that became possible, Lotto’s highest of $65 million became cute. Awwwww….

And Forbes keeps writing articles about billionaires, so I want MORE MORE MORE now so I can be as close to them as possible!

With that…

Has anyone else found themselves holding out on jackpots worth tens of millions because hundreds of millions of dollars are now possible?

Please tell me I’m not the only warped person out there!


  1. in Canada our lotteries don’t climb into the mega millions, and a billion? wow that’s unheard of here, I think the max here in Canada is the lotto Max where it caps out at 50 million, still I could do an awful lot with 50 million, the bonus part is the Government here doesn’t take any taxes off the 50 million, you win you actually get all 50 million, however they do tax the hell out of the interest you make when you deposit it into the bank! , hell they can have all the interest for all I’d care lol


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