Poor Sock Management

Something’s up with my socks. I’m using them at a much greater rate than usual.  I did my laundry on Friday. And I needed to do it on Friday because Thursday I realized I was out of matching pairs, so I cobbled a pair together from some random socks in my drawer. And for fun, i chose widely different colors,  dark blue and light gray (and nobody noticed at the bachelor party on Thursday night,  or at least nobody said anything.) 

Today’s only Monday.  I should have plenty to choose from.

But I don’t.  Not in my drawer. 

I only went to the gym once this weekend, on Sunday.  So that means I wore two sets that day.  I can’t recall exactly, but I assume one pair of white tube socks and one pair of casual blue or black socks after.

I’ll spare you the day by day breakouts, but I DEFINITELY OWN ENOUGH SOCKS FOR FIVE DAYS… even if I wore two pairs every day since laundry day, which I didn’t.

So currently at press time I’m on the way into the city for dinner with my old boss then perhaps one last pint with the English lads and lasses before they go to home tomorrow.

And what socks am I wearing?  The only pair that was available
White tube socks. With black shoes, no less. Ok ok my clothes called for black shoes and I wasn’t changing.

BUT… I just realized that one white sock has WORN ELASTIC and the sock keeps dropping!!


My pants can cover them fine but I FEEL them dropped low. Ugh. Nene I can find a Gap or something before I meet up for dinner.

Maybe the rest of my socks dropped behind the drawer. I’m not sure but…

Something is afoot (I couldn’t resist.)


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