Wedding and the Brits

So yesterday was my friend’s wedding that I mentioned in Being Invited “Plus One” During a Dry Spell. I had no date. And I didn’t care.

Yes if I really wanted one I could have strung along a recent lady I’ve had dates with.  But that’s not fair and I didn’t want that.

And one sassy blog friend that I met the other day almost had a scheduling possibility in NY and I guarantee that she’d be an awesome date (well ok, she guarantees it.) But still, I was fine being on my own.

So my friend “Pat” married an English guy “Nigel” as I mentioned in America triumphs over England again!

First of all,  a few of my other friends were there,  so yes already fun. One friend brought his kids and his wife is awesome. And my friend “Brandon” was there with his cool gf “Sophie” who really loosened up, danced and had fun.

And yes, great to show the Brits how we do weddings.  They admitted that English weddings are normally pretty subdued until they get drunk enough to not care if they look silly dancing.

Me? With my “guido salsa” moves and “I don’t care what others think” attitude, I just dance. I’ve spent a decade at clubs in the NYC area and on vacations so I don’t shy away.

The wedding was in my neighborhood so easy for me. I could have even walked it, and was considering it until I lost track of time doing the Eldredge Knot on my necktie. I’m very very happy for Pat and Nigel and I wish them the best.

And it ended at 6pm. And there was a “going out post-wedding” part and who am I to say no?  I was pretty exhausted but I soldiered on.

I met them in the city.  The Brits, the happy couple and I. To be honest, it had a Wedding Crashers feel to it. Not that I wasn’t welcome but because I was a friend of the bride yet I was hanging with the groom’s family and friends. And I got to know much of his family during the wedding. I definitely brought my socializing “A Game”.

So there we were at a bar in the Financial District a hundred feet from my old office building. Fun carousing in bars, which I never do anymore. Especially fun since I am the resident New Yorker dispensing knowledge left and right. I’ll admit, many conversations were about the differences between the USA and the UK. Often having fun with our accents, I may have poured on the New Yawk thick for effect but oh well. Eventually whenever I approached there was a rousing chorus of “Aaaaaaayyyyyy”‘s.

A very gregarious time.

And they invited me to go to karaoke tonight. I said I could do it, but I’m gonna have to let them down. I need to start studying coding and get ready for the week, and just REST. Going out Thursday, Friday and Saturday has taken its toll on these 42 year old bones. I can’t recover like I used to.

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