Dominate a Thing

Here’s a great blog post… about a podcast. Dominate one thing at a time.

Don Kowalewski

Dominate one thing. And once you dominate that thing, then move onto the next thing you’ll dominate. And I mean absolutely crush and control and own a thing.

You probably thinking I’m referring to “50 Shades of Grey” but I’m not.

If you can, listen to The Tim Ferriss Show, Episode 63. He interviews two hedge fund managers but within that show, he kinda summarizes his entire4 Hour Bodyand4 Hour Work Weekphilosophy and the whole idea behind “hacks.”

The one guy said we sometimes make the mistake of trying too much. Start dieting, start exercising, start reading more, learn to play guitar, write in your journal, and on and on and on.

Instead, they suggested, you should dominate one thing. Like …dominate mornings. Wake. Eat. Exercise. Journal.

And repeat it the next day and every day until nobody does “mornings” as well as you do.

I’m going to dominate mornings…

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