Shoveling snow from a stranger’s house? What the heck, why not?

So today was a surprise snowfall here in the NYC area. Ok it was a surprise to me.

Now my car is parked one avenue over and one street over (so it’s one block diagonally.)  Living in an apartment building, that happens.

The actually snow was this afternoon but now it’s a freezing rain.  Thankfully I don’t have to drive soon.

HOWEVER, it’s good a dig out the car soon just in case. So I did.

The car is in front of a private house,  right next to the area in front of a fire hydrant. This made digging my car out pretty simple since I had a LOT of area to put the snow. Didn’t take very long.  20 minutes. I have a full snow shovel in my car at all times.  My friend gave it away last year.

Now, you know those enterprising kids who offer to dig people’s house’s areas out of the snow.  When I was a kid… I was NOT that.

But I did notice that the house that my car was in front of was still not dug out. And the lights inside were all out.

So I dug out their sidewalk too. Without their permission,  without getting paid.  What the heck, why not? Makes up for missing the gym yesterday.

Took about a half hour. I even did the walkway going to their stoop. And the three steps on the stoop too. That felt a little weird, almost like I was trespassing. I assume they’d be ok with it. But I drew the line at NOT digging out their driveway as it goes on the side of the house.



  1. I got an alert that you requested access to Asarielsmuse. I’m here now, I shut down the other one and moved my blog to a new name but I can’t close it completely because I still own the domain. You may want to unfollow that one. If you need more details email me.


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