Big Neck and Shoe Shines

An old boss of mine preaches about men having their dress shoes well shined.  It shows attention to detail that he likes on an employee.

I can see his point.  Actually way
back when we worked together,  they let a shoeshine man walk through the office selling shines.

Yesterday, before I met up with some blog peeps, I went to Macy’s in NYC. I needed to get a white dress shirt.

When I practiced making the Eldredge Tie knot a few weeks ago,  I noticed that the two white shirts that I had didn’t fit in the neck. They were 16 & 1/2 and 17 inch necks and damn they were tight when I buttoned the top button.

My dimensions are uncommon. A 17 & 1/2 neck but a 32/33 sleeve. Like dressing a T Rex instead of a G Rex. So it took a while but got it and wow 17 & 1/2 is MUCH more comfortable.

And while I was there,  I bought a shoe shine kit. I believe it was my first time shining my own shoes with shoe polish. GRex is all grownz up.



I was told by one of the lovely blog ladies that I saw yesterday, a fashion pro, that my Johnston & Murphy shoes are nice but Cole Haan shoes make that right impression. I do like those too, I’ve never been crazy about spending $300 on shoes, though I have been thinking about it. Maybe after I get a job. I do like my J & M’s. Very very comfortable.


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