America triumphs over England again!

So a female friend “Pat” is getting married tomorrow. A fellow Brookyn resident… actually she’s a native,  I grew up in Queens.

She’s marrying an English chap, “Nigel.” They met on a social gaming app, I think through Facebook. Talk about uncommon. She’s been to England a bunch of times since,  he’s been here.  I met him once, nice bloke.

So like I said they’re getting married tomorrow,  so Nigel and his English pals had his bachelor party (stag as they call it.” Nigel asked me and a couple of Pat’s male friends (Americans) to come along. So Brandon and I did.

It wasn’t like a strip club-type of party, just a night out at some NY bars with the guys. Nigel’s dad and uncle were there too.

We met at a bar,  watched some soccer… er… football. Had some beers… er… pints. I do very well with Englishmen, as we talk about the differences between our countries, languages and… the currency exchange rates, damn them.

And then… my friend and I worked the crowd. A great bunch of blokes, with more guys named Ian than I’ve met in a decade here in NYC. Lots of big laughs, I like to work in the English-words like loo, water closet,  wanker, bollocks, etc. It goes over well.

Then we played pinball.  Yes pinball. Not the regular bachelor party activity, but still fun.

Cheers mate


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