America triumphs over England again!

So a female friend “Pat” is getting married tomorrow. A fellow Brookyn resident… actually she’s a native,  I grew up in Queens.

She’s marrying an English chap, “Nigel.” They met on a social gaming app, I think through Facebook. Talk about uncommon. She’s been to England a bunch of times since,  he’s been here.  I met him once, nice bloke.

So like I said they’re getting married tomorrow,  so Nigel and his English pals had his bachelor party (stag as they call it.” Nigel asked me and a couple of Pat’s male friends (Americans) to come along. So Brandon and I did.

It wasn’t like a strip club-type of party, just a night out at some NY bars with the guys. Nigel’s dad and uncle were there too.

We met at a bar,  watched some soccer… er… football. Had some beers… er… pints. I do very well with Englishmen, as we talk about the differences between our countries, languages and… the currency exchange rates, damn them.

And then… my friend and I worked the crowd. A great bunch of blokes, with more guys named Ian than I’ve met in a decade here in NYC. Lots of big laughs, I like to work in the English-words like loo, water closet,  wanker, bollocks, etc. It goes over well.

Then we played pinball.  Yes pinball. Not the regular bachelor party activity, but still fun.

Cheers mate


  1. Sounds like you had a good time mate. However, most stag parties here in the UK consist of going to Amsterdam with your mates, visiting hookers and getting well and truly drunk. Good times. I think.

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