Apples that won’t go brown aka UH…. WHAAAAAAAAT?!

Ok ok, this post is a month overdue.

So there’s a company that can modify apples so they won’t eventually go brown after being sliced.

Apples normally create an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase, which is responsible for the chemical reaction that causes browning.

And the modification would be at the… wait for it… GENETIC LEVEL.

Here’s an article about it (that I’m copying and pasting from like a 6th grade research report.)

So to be clear… these apples would be GENETICALLY MODIFIED.


“GMO’s are bad.” “Countries x,y and z have banned all GMO foods.” I hear these all the time.

Rex, just how do they do this?

“… by inserting extra copies of genes that the apple already possessed.”

Weeeeeeell, they aren’t called “genetically modified” for no reason, I guess.

Ok ok I admit, the whole “GMO” thing  sounds awful, yes, but I haven’t changed my eating behavior. Not by  one iota. And I daresay most of its haven’t either.

Ugh. And yes, i hear fruit are treated with pesticides that we eat with them too but at least they’re not damaging us, right?… Right?

Ok ok who knows?  But not damaging us quickly anyway, because if they did we’d do something about it, right?… Right?

Well at least once apples are cut then they’re safe, right?

“no longer have to treat their sliced apples with antioxidant chemicals like calcium ascorbate to keep them looking fresh.”

OH GOOD FUCKING GRIEF. Throw me a frickin bone here!!!!! Man, our food is so treated.

“The cost savings ‘can be huge,’ he says. ‘Right now, to make fresh-cut apple slices and put them in the bag, 35 or 40 percent of the cost is the antioxident treatment.'”

Ok ok I get the picture. Producing things cost money. And to earn more profit (or is it revenue? I get those confused) one can raise price or lower cost. And raising price would cause a market hollar. So lower cost.

Look,  I’ve never worked in the food production industry. There must be a thousand twenty foot hurdles to get over to good products to market, and if they’re less good,  yet still tolerable, then that’s acceptable.

I just think there shouldn’t be that much tampering with things that we put IN our bodies, that are supposed to help  keep us alive.

Yes yes big powerful food companies, government lobbying, uy yuy yuy.

Can this ever be righted? Does it have to be this way to mass produce and distribute food?


Also,  is it true that genetically modified food has been boycotted in other countries?


  1. If we want to eat food that doesn’t grow in our area and food out of season they have to find ways to keep it from spoiling so we can spoil ourselves with it. Farmers have always modified crops by cross breading, selective breading, soil alteration, grafting etc. Taking it to the lab is a whole other world but not so surprising as the next step.

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  2. “OH GOOD FUCKING GRIEF,” is right! Great post GR!! I make apple butter & after peeling 5 lbs of apples, I would have a browning problem, too – but I use good old natural lemon juice (as previously noted above) to keep them from browning. When my daughter was younger & I would cut apples for her to take to school and eat at lunch or snack time, I would soak those in a little watered down lemon juice, as well, and she had no problem eating them hours later. I realize feeding this nation (and others) requires much forethought and some technology, but when profits trump everything else, and chemical companies are making chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, there just seems to be a muddled line and much too much controversy involved. I have a another post or two coming regarding our food supply. Plan to work on one this week and try to have it posted by the weekend, in case you are interested.

    I hadn’t heard about this apple development yet, so thanks so much for sharing the info!! And yes, many other countries have boycotted GMOs.

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