Help! I need somebody…

The Beatles weren’t kidding.

So this has been the 24 hours of asking for,  and receiving help.

First,  I received help on this blog from my blog post requesting guidance on learning HTML and CSS.

Then I networked through LinkedIn with a person who was my client 8 years ago “Sam” and haven’t spoken to him since. I applied to a job opening at a company that he had connections to and asked if he would put in a good word and pass my resume along.

He said yes and immediately connected me with someone at that company, who immediately emailed the head of  HR of that company about my application.

AND Sam connected me with a recruiter that I had not worked with.

AND this morning I got an email from Sam offering to put me in touch with another company if the open positions there fit. They didn’t but still WOW very generous and helpful.

ADDITIONALLY,  I reached out to a friend “Jack” to also ask about a good place to learn HTML and CSS. He knows those languages.  Not only did he respond (with the same website service as one of my blog friend sent), he offered to “spot me” while learning, like in the gym. As in help and keep me motivated.

Out of nowhere.  That’s frickin awesome.

This morning I was telling a friend that this job search has allowed me to build up my muscle of asking for help. Historically,  I’ve been a loner where I don’t really ask for help. Was i embarrassed,  did i not want to show i didn’t know, was i just awkward relating to people?  Probably all of those.

But ok, i don’t know everyone and everything, and there’s no shame in asking for help.

I’m open to help and it’s coming… in abundance!


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