Man Sleepover

Ok, so my sister who lives on Long Island flew to Israel today to visit her daughter who’s over there for grad school.

So my sister’s husband/my brother-in-law, “Fred,” will have the place to himself.  He offered to have me stay over within that span.

No, not to keep him company in bed while my sister’s away ; ) Just as a get away.

Now I have my own apartment that I live in here in the GRex Brooklyn headquarters, with my own bed,  bathroom, etc. So why go?

There’s a chance Fred might get lonely and offered in a manly way because saying he’ll be lonely in their big house would sound odd.

Or maybe Fred saw the possibility of some good bonding time with me. He’s in his mid-fifties, successful in the garment industry. (He offered to get me two suits at whole sale, Aw yeah.) Been married twice, has kids. Owns houses.

Fred’s always been helpful. He knows I’m kinda stuck in this weird unemployment/barely dating funk as my life is passing. So maybe he saw this as a chance to really get in my life and see what’s going on,  see his he could help.

I’m going to take him up on it. Maybe this’ll be really cool for our relationship.

Or maybe I’ll just be there to tuck him in at night.


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